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  1. My first success with exercise was in high school. I took a class called Strength Training and Conditioning. I put on a lot of muscle during that class, but managed to gain over 70 pounds in college.

    I’ve tried to start up again a number of times. I’ve tried running, gym memberships, weight watchers, slim fast, Wii Fit, etc. None of it stuck for longer than a few weeks.

    In the middle of April of last year I’d had enough. I was 313.2 pounds and sick and tired of being fat. I wasn’t running because I was worried about my knees. I went to the gym in town and was dismayed to find that each session would cost me $8. That’s unacceptable. I went home and laced up my running shoes. I ran about one block and felt as though my lungs had caught fire. I didn’t give up. I went back the next day and made it slightly farther before I felt as though my body would turn inside-out. I made running a habit for a couple months and was knocked off course by my wedding. The month of July was filled with celebrations, feasts, friends, and family. The only thing it was missing was exercise. When I tried to go back to running, the knee injuries I was afraid of showed up. I gave up for a while and slipped up a little.

    At my wife’s insistence, we joined a gym. We received a free training session and we set to work, going 3-4 times a week. My weight stayed firmly at 296 pounds. Frustrating to say the least.

    I decided to start blogging. I had just seen the movie Julie and Julia and was inspired. If Julie could cook through a 500+ recipe cookbook in a year, surely I could lose some weight in a year. I thought about how much I wanted to lose. I decided I’d be happy if I were 100 pounds lighter (ambitious, I know). In order to lose 100 pounds in one year, I’d need to lose just under 2 pounds every week. That seemed attainable. I set to it and named my blog 100 Pounds in a Year. Nothing happened for the first month. I started on November 28th and by December 28th I had lost 1 pound. I stepped up my exercise, started watching what I ate, and BAM! Something happened. The weight started coming off.

    Today I weigh 266.2 pounds (although that may change, I have a weigh-in tonight). I’m just a smidge away from 30 pounds lighter than when I started blogging. In the past year I’ve lost 47 pounds! That makes me incredibly happy.

    .-= 100 Pounds in a Year´s last blog ..Health Care Reform =-.

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