The Diet Plan That Wasn’t

You’ve all heard of the Adkins diet, the South Beach diet, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and LA Weight Loss. Have you heard of the SeeFood diet? That’s the one I stayed on the longest and the one I had the most “success” with.

Here’s how the diet worked. I SawFood, and I ate it. Get it? The Seefood diet. I followed that “plan” for all of my college life and several years into my married life. I ate a lot, ate impulsively and ate often. For me, breakfast used to involve seeing the dessert I had prepared the night before, and eating the rest of it even before the children got up.

Later that day, when I was preparing lunch, the children would say, “Can we have the cake from last night for dessert?” I would explain that it was gone, without going into detail as to what had happened to it. They always looked so disappointed that I would inevitably say, “But I’m going to make chocolate chip cookies for dinner tonight!” We’d all be excited by the prospect of cookies in a few hours. Lunch was sandwich(s), fruit and a whole bag of chips, washed down by a diet drink. Snacks throughout the day would be anything from biscuits made just for me, several slices of cheese toast, perhaps a few tastes of ice cream or entire sleeves of crackers. Day after day, year after year I followed the SeeFood diet, and predictably I got bigger and bigger.

I tried to stop eating everything I saw. I really tried to convince myself NOT to pull through the drive-thru restaurants every day, but I couldn’t seem to stop overindulging and getting fatter and fatter. I was tired and run down. My energy levels were low, both from the weight, and the lack of nutritious food. Yet to make myself feel better, I kept eating and eating, hoping in vain that something good would happen. A lot of good things did happen in my life, but not weight loss. As the scale moved from the 100’s into the 200’s, and from the 200’s to the 250’s and beyond, something happened to my self-esteem and my desire for change. The weight got bigger and my self-esteem got smaller. It was a vicious cycle that was very difficult to break and control.

What diet plan are you following? I’d encourage you to select a plan that encourages losing weight in a healthy, reasonable manner.  And as important as a balanced diet is, there should be the potential built right into the plan that year after year, for the rest of your life, you can maintain your weight by slightly modifying the plan.

After all, you just want to lose weight once – right?  When I first started losing weight by following my three point plan I wanted something that I didn’t “complete.” I knew if I completed my weight loss and finished the program, I would feel mentally finished with eating that particular way. But losing weight by eating real foods, prepared by a real person (myself) and learning the value of exercise I have been able to continue to maintain my weight loss for a long time. I learned the fat lesson, learned to put food in its rightful place, and quit using the SeeFood diet as a solution to all my issues.

I’d encourage you to continually analyze how you are losing weight, and whether your diet of choice can become your lifestyle of choice.

How did you choose your current eating plan? Is it still working?  Diane

By the way –  The Giveaway Winner of the Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods Package is Pam!! Congratulations Pam!-

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  1. I too was on the SeeFood diet. Thinking back on it, I realise how terrible that diet actually was, not only for my body but emotionally too.
    My current eating plan is going great and is still working for me. It’s a eating plan which will and is becoming a lifestyle choice for my future.
    blackhuff recently posted…ADHD and being the parentMy Profile

  2. First of all – YAY! I am so excited that I won! Thank you!

    Second…my very current eating plan is the beginnings of how I believe I will be having to follow the rest of my life after my surgery – low fat, small frequent meals. Its what I have done in the past to lose and like you were, never followed through after the weight came off. Now that I will have little choice, maybe it will work out.
    Pam recently posted…Still HereMy Profile

  3. Yes, SEEFOOD here too. it was compounded by a very hard pregnancy where an ignorant, obese himself doc told me to just eat whatever sounded good. And I did. Fried everything, boxed mac and cheese, and cheap orange juice mostly. Work with a nutritionist would have made a big difference at that point. What I was ‘hungry for’ spiked my blood sugar up and then it came crashing down which added to my nausea ten (make that a hundred) fold. That year was the beginnings of my real troubles. It is only because I got things totally turned around that I am not diabetic. But it took almost ten years to turn it around. and now I am on my 6th year of this process (turned around). And that child is turning 17 this spring. . .
    Vickie recently posted…IntentionsMy Profile

  4. I actually didn’t follow a “plan” when I lost weight but came up with my own. My main problem was that I ate too much. Much of what I was eating was healthy food, but eating too much of any food will make you gain weight… I had a crazy schedule at the time, which led me to frequently skip meals and then overeat big time at night. The first thing I did was “force” myself to eat breakfast. That was hard as first as I was usually still full from all the food I had eaten the night before. I also started planning meals and snacks for throughout the day and carried healthy foods with me. By eating enough throughout the day, it was much easier not to overeat at night. But eating a reasonable amount at night was still a long struggle as I was used to using food to calm me down. I had to find other ways to calm myself down (a short walk works really well).
    Andrea@WellnessNotes recently posted…Lettuce Wraps with Bulgogi and Pace Picante SauceMy Profile

  5. Great post Diane! yes, I was like that.. just ate too much & really a lot of the wrong things too. I guess I was lucky I was active or I probably would have been a lot heavier!

    Like you, I made my own plan & once I started to lose weight, for me in my mind, there was no end game. I was going to have to watch my food & keep active for life.. I knew that already…
    Jody – Fit at 53 recently posted…Honesty &amp Awards Happy Bday Kevin!My Profile

  6. I’m constantly amazed at how easily I just succumb to whatever food craving, or even just a food thought, crosses my mind. I am making a conscious effort to curb this and I find that it takes a bit of effort, but it actually works!

    I totally agree with you that you need to eat for weight loss what you are going to eat afterward. Otherwise it’s just a diet and you will regain the weight.
    Hanlie recently posted…Rise and ShineMy Profile

  7. I feel the best and eat the best when I follow a modified version of South Beach. Focusing on lean protein and lots of veggies with some fruit and whole grains in moderation.
    Karen recently posted…One- Two- Three- Four I Declare a Thumb WarMy Profile

  8. I’ve had success, both with weight loss and health, by following the Atkins diet. I had tried everything else, and was so excited to actually get results with this way of eating. I think genetics play a big role in what works for each person, because it’s working for other family members, too. I was following it closely for six months, and then got the result I had been hoping for for 4 years- I got pregnant. I’m not following it closely now, for the baby’s health, but some of the discipline I developed has served me well. And I’m very happy to know that I will be able to lose the baby weight once she is here.

  9. I can so relate to your “SeeFood” Diet and the feelings of lethargy that accompanied such a plan.

    I’m not following any one plan, but track my calorie intake daily and working on getting fresh veggies and fruit and water in. I’ve looked to Weight Watchers and your plan for hints and guidelines to help me. It’s working when I stick to it.
    Leah recently posted…Weigh In Motivation QuestionMy Profile

  10. Oh my. I’m another one who has been on the SeeFood Diet. These days I’m following the guidelines of my dietitian. I do think she is leading me in a direction I’ll be able to follow for life, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit the SeeFood Diet occasionally slips back in. I’m working on it though.
    Desert Agave recently posted…The Weekend in WorkoutsMy Profile

  11. haha seefood! Love it – this was my diet in college FOR SURE.

    I just kind of fell into mine. I went back and forth and up and down on calorie counts and just kept cooking up a storm. It’s going well so far – although I think I have too many treats. :(
    fittingbackin recently posted…Dining Room Re-Do- Productive Weekend- Todays To Dos!My Profile

  12. Yes, my system works. It didn’t happen overnight but fortunately, happened. Summarized as low fat vegan with seafood. I concentrate on whole foods and a high percentage of raw foods. I apply careful portion control and do plenty of exercise.

  13. I’ve read enough to know that the most successful tool to weightloss is keeping track of what one eats. So, I’m using to track every bite. I have it on my phone and it’s really helping me be aware of what I’m eating, when, and (strangely enough) why!

  14. Right here! I am the person who invested that diet? did you read my book? :)
    Lisa recently posted…Can I rant off the beaten path for a minuteMy Profile

  15. I was on the Seefood diet for about 2 years and gained about 70 lbs :( So now I am doing Weight Watchers, counting points and writing down everything I eat. I find it works without constricting too much. Not that its easy, but it’s going :)
    Need to Get Me Back recently posted…January – 79lbs lostMy Profile

  16. Oh, I know all about following the Seefood diet :)

    Well, I’d already experience how a very restrictive diet did not phase well into maintenance, so I was determined to develop a way of eating that I could see myself (and my family) sustaining indefinitely. I “healthified” our dinners and added in a lot more veggies. I gave fast food a “once a week” treatment for all of us. The best tool for me is a calorie counting diary and planning ahead.
    Cilla recently posted…Thinking aheadMy Profile

  17. I am using weight watchers online to track right now, with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein.
    Siobhan recently posted…re-ordering the mindMy Profile

  18. What a clever way to phrase that! I’ve been on that plan, too, and it was fun so long as I wore stretchy clothes and avoided mirrors ;)
    Taryl recently posted…Doing okay -My Profile

  19. I gained the majority of my weight by eating the foods I loved at every single meal, and eating way too much of them. I didn’t necessarily gain weight by eating a lot in between meals (though I did go too long between meals which contributed to overeating at meals) or by eating a lot of junk. But every single dinner I made pasta or mexican or chinese, because it was what I was craving and I only needed to prepare dinner for myself. I still have issues when I make foods that I love but for me one of the biggest successes has been to just not care as much about each meal – I enjoy what I prepare for myself and my family, but I am not craving it – the menu plan was prepared over a week before. Sure, I definitely still do like eating, but just not every meal, every day. For the most part my meals serve one purpose – to get the nutrients and keep the hunger at bay. Changing this relationship I have with the meal I am eating has been a huge thing for me.
    jessey recently posted…How to gain 52 lbs in 4 daysMy Profile

  20. Well as you probably know by now I chose Nutrisystem’s back in 2008 because of their food and convenience and that worked for me! It taught me portion control, it gave me support and it taught me how I needed to change my lifestyle.
    Sheri recently posted…My Pet PeeveMy Profile

  21. :o, I remember cheese toast… It definitely time for me to tweak my eating plan again as I’ve reached a stalemate with the scale.
    ‘Drea recently posted…Month-End Review- JanuaryMy Profile

  22. Basically South Beach, but with about 100 calories a day (of my 1,200 goal) is chocolate. Otherwise, I’d never be able to stay with this for life. And that’s what it’s really all about. :)
    Sunny recently posted…So Yeah- I Changed My Blog Name AGAINMy Profile

  23. I started out with Weight Watchers and lost my weight on their program.
    I had to tweak it over time and discovered on my own that as a much smaller person I needed a lot fewer calories.

    In order to make those calories count I gradually started making my food plan healthier. More whole grains, more fruit, more veggies, less pre packaged processed foods.

    I continue to count points it has become a habit for me and it is a nice guide line. I need a little structure like that and it works for me.

  24. I used to be on that SeeFood diet too and it really is hard to break! :) My eating continues to evolve as life does too. These days, I’m not on a specific plan as much as trying to eat at least five servings of fruits and veggies per day and avoid processed foods. Just feel better this way!
    Shira recently posted…For Fitter or FatterMy Profile

  25. I did the SeeFood Diet for years. I also had great success losing weight on Jenny Craig and Atkins/South Beach but I regained it as quick as I lost it.

    This time I’m doing my own thing. I’m eating healthier, treating myself when I really want something decadent and working up a good sweat on a regular basis. Nothing is off limits, I’m not counting calories or points, I’m just taking care of myself for the first time ever and it feels fantastic. I have a good feeling this time it’s going to stick.

  26. no pressure to write – just stopping by to say I hope all is well – are you in the midst of the bad weather? hope you are not sitting there with no power. . .
    Vickie recently posted…IntentionsMy Profile

  27. Hahaha – yes! We definitely only want to lose weight once.

    This is my second round of weight loss. The only good thing about it is that because I know that I did it once before, I know that I can do it again. And that really is very encouraging.
    Sagan recently posted…31 ways to get fit and have funMy Profile


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