Like Healthy Cereal? Attune Foods Giveaway Today!

Hello friends! I have some really special giveaways coming up over the next month or so, and I decided to lead off with a giveaway from Attune Foods.

Five (5) readers will win free cereal from Attune Foods so you can try this really tasty, made in America, healthy-for-you cereal.

I set up the boxes Annelise sent me and asked my family to try them. Only three of my kids were dressed in cute enough clothes to make it onto the blog – but they all tried the cereals.

My two daughters and one son first tried Honey Almond and they all loved it. My little guy said, “Well, I can tell it’s a healthy cereal, but it actually tastes pretty good.” My daughters, who are more “sophisticated” said they liked the crunch, freshness and hint of honey flavor in the cereal. Every flavor received similar reviews, and my little guy liked the Strawberry flavored the best. 

Here’s what I appreciate about cereals like these:

  • I can eat them for breakfast, in Greek yogurt or as a snack.
  • They have a LOT of fiber – from 6 to 10 g per serving.
  • The sodium content is very low, ranging from 100 mg to 135 mg per serving.
  • The cereal fills you up and keeps you satisfied for a long time.
  • Unlike the broccoli I wrote about from Sam’s, which was brought over from China, the cereals are all made in the United States.
  • There are enough flavors to appeal to all ages, genders and taste preferences.
  • The serving size is just right for a low-calorie breakfast.
  • I like the name of the cereal, as I tend to be very patriotic.

When I lost weight, I was always trying to find some great food that would help me stay full, help me stay regular digestively and help me eat a balanced diet. Too bad I didn’t know about these cereals before, as they fit the bill. Just in case you are a history person – the Uncle Sam’s brand has been around since 1908. The cereals have a history of healthy, high-fiber flavors which were waaay ahead of their time by including flaxseed, which is great for you.  The Attune Foods family also includes other cereal brands and healthy bars. Yum to them all.  Here’s the nutritional panels of the cereals I got:

Want to win a sample or two? Just leave a separate comment for each chance. Here’s how to get five entries:

  1. Follow Attune Foods on Twitter
  2. Become a Facebook Fan of Attune Foods
  3. Connect with me through my Fit to the Finish Facebook page
  4. Twitter with me (when I do!)
  5. Leave a comment telling me which flavor of cereal appeals to you or what you had for breakfast this morning!

Good luck and I hope you started your day off with a healthy breakfast! Diane

Disclosure: I received five boxes of cereal from Attune Foods, but the review and opinions are all my own! I will draw a winner on Sunday, July 31th at 10:00 pm CST and email the winners on Monday!

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  1. no need to enter me obviously–but stopping in to say I LOVE ATTUNE too :)
    Miz recently posted…The one where I seek your sartorial help.My Profile

  2. I actually had cereal this morning, the way i do every morning :) HoneyAlmond to be exact. It’s cute how you select your kids to be featured in the blog based on their outfits hehehe
    ella recently posted…Simple Animation Software – tips and guidelinesMy Profile

  3. I had bran flakes this morning, with a Yoplait Light apple yogurt instead of milk :)
    Mary recently posted…Loaded ‘n’ oated pizzaMy Profile

  4. I already follow you on Twitter! (I’m @oh_mg)
    Mary recently posted…Loaded ‘n’ oated pizzaMy Profile

  5. And I already follow Attune Foods :)
    Mary recently posted…Loaded ‘n’ oated pizzaMy Profile

  6. I had yogurt and coffee for breakfast. Would love to change it up and try some healthy and good-tasting cereal!!
    Ali recently posted…Misc Mish-MashMy Profile

  7. This morning’s breakfast? A cup of black coffee and Raisin Bran…

    Made a change this week from my usual Shredded Wheat. RB was on sale…oh well!
    mamajuliana recently posted…Mileage…My Profile

  8. My breakfast for over a year now has been beans that I make in the crockpot once a week and reheat. Great combo of protein, carbs and fiber. But I do love Uncle Sam cereal for crunch in my yogurt:)
    Karen@WaistingTime recently posted…Hey Yo. Sup.My Profile

  9. I already like you on facebook:)
    Karen@WaistingTime recently posted…Hey Yo. Sup.My Profile

  10. And, yes, I follow you already on twitter.

  11. I just followed attune cereal!

  12. I would LOVE to try the original Uncle Sam’s cereal for myself, because I am always on the lookout for high fiber, no sugar cereals for myself. The rest of the flavors I’d LOVE to get for my children. The sugar content is pretty low, and I am always on the lookout for healthy alternatives to cereals for them as well.
    Dawn recently posted…Happy Friday Everyone!My Profile

  13. I just commented on your Facebook page, which I already ‘like.’ Hope you are having a great day!
    Dawn recently posted…Happy Friday Everyone!My Profile

  14. I forgot to mention that I am also following you on Twitter. I will comment the next time you Tweet! ;)

  15. And to make my entry complete, I have just ‘liked’ attune foods on Facebook! I’ve done all I can … :)

  16. I think I’s like to try the honey almond. Breakfast this morning was coffee and a piece of bread and 1 1/2 Tbsp of peanut butter! :)

  17. I like the original flavor with flax seeds mixed with some fat free Greek yogurt-so filling! I like you on facebook already! recently posted…Birthday Adventures in Lake Tahoe & Planning for Surgery…My Profile

  18. I don’t do Twitter BUT I did LIKE them. So many positive reviews of this brand & company!
    Jody – Fit at 53 recently posted…Gratitude Monday with MizFitMy Profile

  19. We already are friends via FB.. and more. ;-)
    Jody – Fit at 53 recently posted…Comment on Gratitude Monday with MizFitMy Profile

  20. I would probably go with the original or honey almond.
    Jody – Fit at 53 recently posted…Gratitude Monday with MizFitMy Profile

  21. Honey almond sounds the best to me. I don’t usually eat cereal for breakfast because I need something more filling, but I’d love to give these a try.

  22. Ate breakfast in a hotel this morning and had Raisin Bran which I haven’t had in years…and loved chewy raisins with the crunchy bran! Reminded me that I need to work cereal back into my life.

  23. Pretty awesome name for an american cereal :), I love cereal in my yogurt, as im not much of a milk fan recently posted…Grunting while I workMy Profile

  24. VanessaG says:

    I love,love,love cereal! I’ve never had a kind I didn’t like. I would love to try Uncle Sams original. Every flavor sounds yummy! This morning I had a big bowl of oatmeal with fresh strawberries, peaches, and a big blog of pb. :)

  25. I follow Attune on Twitter. :-)

  26. I already Liked you on Facebook.
    Lori Lynn recently posted…The Hips Don’t Lie (And Neither Do the Pants)My Profile

  27. I had a Clif bar and coffee for breakfast. The Honey Almond looks really good though.
    Lori Lynn recently posted…The Hips Don’t Lie (And Neither Do the Pants)My Profile

  28. I liked Attune Foods on Facebook.
    Lori Lynn recently posted…The Hips Don’t Lie (And Neither Do the Pants)My Profile

  29. I’d love to try the Honey Almond flavor. Also, glad to see you are doing well- I’ve always enjoyed your blog and am glad I’ve been able to stop on back by :)
    Tiff recently posted…4 Unforseen Challenges I’m Facing…My Profile

  30. I’d like the honey almond or the strawberry. I had a zone perfect bar for breakfast.

  31. I used to eat the Uncle Sam’s cereals but there in an ingredient in the cereal that does not agree with me. I have tried to get my friends to adopt this cereal as a healthy breakfast but they all call it the “twigs and bark” cereal.
    Jane C recently posted…Please Remain in Your Seat with Your Belt FastenedMy Profile

  32. Megan Campbell says:

    The Strawberry looks the best to me! As I am a huge fan of Special K with Red Berries! :)


  33. I follow Attune on twitter now.

  34. I am now a facebook fan of Attune.

  35. Breakfast this morning was a bowl of honey nut cheerios and a banana. I have heard great things about Uncle Sam cereal and would love to give them all a taste. :)

  36. After a 6-mile run (and a shower!), I ate my fave bowl of hot oatmeal! I ALWAYS start my day off with a healthy breakfast to keep me on track for the rest of my meals.

  37. Trying to figure out the name Erewhon – which almost, except for the transposition of the 2 middle letters, looks like the word Nowhere. Is there some significance to that name?

  38. Cher Shives says:

    I like cereals especially when for breakfast…Being healthy is a bonus!!Thank you for posting this one…
    Cher Shives recently posted…Forex trading automated softwareMy Profile