How Can I Stay Hydrated in the Cool Weather

I have a hard time drinking enough water sometimes, and I know that I read that other people sometimes have the same problem. Drinking water can help you stay full when you are losing weight, and I also think it has helped me maintain my weight loss.

I was wondering what you all drink when it starts to get chilly outside. Ever since I lost all my weight I tend to be very cold natured. When I was heavier, I wanted the car’s air conditioning blasting at me, but these days, the vents get pointed as far away from me as possible.

I think John secretly wishes I wasn’t always cold, because during the fall and winter, I move the heat up, and he moves it down. In the car he often tells me, “Okay, I’m cooked all the way through. Yes sir, I’m definitely done.” I laugh, but unless he complains some more, I just leave the heat on! (I’m bad, I know!)

Drinking enough water in the cooler weather seasons has always been hard for me. In the spring and summer, I do fine, but winter is a different story. Usually I end up drinking a lot more decaf teas and tepid water. The decaf teas are okay, but the tap water is kinda yuck and warm. Sometimes I put a bit of lemon in hot water and that makes it kinda okay.

So I was wondering if you have a hard time drinking enough water in the cold months, and if so, what do you drink?  And do you think our hydration needs are the same in the winter as the summer?  Diane

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  1. Here in South Africa, we have a tea called Rooibos Tea. It does not contain caffeine and I love the taste. So I will have 3 cups of those a day in the Winter. I also make sure that I have no less than 1 litre of water per day in the Winter and then 2 cups of coffee per day as well. That is how most of my Winter months look :)
    blackhuff recently posted…The regretMy Profile

  2. I drink mugs of tea when it’s cold – but unfortunately I don’t care for it straight. I need sugar and a bit of soy milk in it, so I have to be careful how many I have. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but tea hits the spot.
    Anna Down Under recently posted…Binge dreams that make you sick?My Profile

  3. I heat the water to HOT and add a lot of lemon. I do not think tea (even decaf) is processed the same way by the body as plain water. . .

  4. I’m one of the lucky ones as water is my drink of choice and always has been. As a hiker, one has to be especially mindful when hiking in cold weather because hydration needs are the same, but you just don’t recognize the need as readily. I do believe that the body needs the same amount of water no matter what the temp and it CAN tell the difference between pure water and other substitutes. So I say as hard as it is, keep downing that water!!!
    Sharon recently posted…Dancing….Of the Not So Dirty KindMy Profile

  5. Like Vickie, I am a plain water girl. I drink it cold, room temp, tepid and hot. When I drink anything else it is usually only after I have made my water quota for the day, with the exception of the morning cup of coffee or plain tea. (all decaf).

    Jane C recently posted…Let the Punishment Fit the CrimeMy Profile

  6. I am the same as you in that since losing weight (50 pounds about 23 years ago) I am always cold. I don’t have a problem though drinking the necessary water. I lost my weight with WEight Watchers and worked as a leader for 15 years. I know that the water is a valuable tool. I usually do 30 minutes on my exercise bike each morning. During that time, I usually drink 2-24 oz bottle of water. Since it’s become part of my routine, I don’t have to think too much about it during the day. I’ve gotten most of what I need first thing in the morning. It’s a trick that works for me.
    Fran@ Broken Cookies Don’t Count recently posted…Keeping Our Spirits UpMy Profile

  7. Well, we don’t get cold like you do BUT it is cold to us! ;-) I actually take my water out of the fridge & let it get to room temp to drink vs. warm & I am fine with it that way but I agree, it is harder in the winter.
    Jody – Fit at 53 recently posted…Gratitude Monday, Empower Females, Food DayMy Profile

  8. About a year or so I got into the habit of decaf flavored teas. I will drink a lot and found some yummy flavors.
    Karen@WaistingTime recently posted…A is for Apple; B is for BlogMy Profile

  9. No question I get very cold as I have to spend time in places that keep the temps down and that I term “fat friendly.” I know slender people that have to use a space heater all summer because of that!

    I just drink when I’m thirsty. Maybe I have invented intuitive drinking :-)

  10. Have you tried herbal teas? Some of them can be incredibly warming – ones with ginger, cinnamon, cardemom…especially the ayurvedic ones from Yogi Teas, like Chai or Women’s Fitness. Not sure if you can get them in the US or not.
    Amy recently posted…45 againMy Profile

  11. I drink alot of cool water with meals in the winter. Also, I try to take advantage of being hot after working out and downing alot of water. I will drink hot water as well and herbal teas when I am cold. I keep my house around 67-68F, and work on the computer and often get cold.

    I have noticed that I am really cold now after losing weight. I wear sweaters and cardigans. Another problem is once I get cold, it is really hard to warm up.

  12. I drink mint and ginger tea, which have the added plus of settling my stomach. I try to drink a big cup (more than 8 oz, as much as 16 if I can drink it before it gets cold) first thing in the morning.

    I get extra thirsty in winter since the humidity is generally lower and the heat is on, dehydrating the air inside. Plus, I like water.

    If you aren’t a water drinker, though, don’t overlook soup as a way to sneak some in. You can even make bouillon (if you are watching sodium, factor in the bouillon) which tastes kind of like a snack but has minimal caloric impact.
    Andie recently posted…The Candy DrawerMy Profile

  13. Another vote for rooibos and ginger tea. Delicious stuff — you can get both in the supermarkets in southern CA, but otherwise I know you can get them online. Amazon might have them.

  14. I’ve already purchased my box of Jasmine Green Tea to sip throughout the winter. :)

    My problem isn’t always getting the water in as it is staying away from the coffee. When the weather cools I tend to want to sip on warm drinks more throughout the day.

    Last year I found that sipping the hot tea with some splenda (I know not the best idea..thinking of changing that too..) helps me warm up without adding tons of caffeine and half and half cream to my day.
    Leah recently posted…Weigh-In … Hot 100 Update #3My Profile

  15. I drink a big glass of unsweetened black iced tea year round with breakfast. Then I try to drink water and hot tea at work.
    Lisa recently posted…Fat PillsMy Profile

  16. I prefer my water to be room temperature so it’s fine for me all year. I also drink tea or plain hot water when I need something warmer.

  17. I drink way, wayyyyy to much tea. :) But it’s so yummy!
    Maren recently posted…Week #3 Weigh-inMy Profile

  18. I drink more hot tea in the Winter but I still find that I need some water too.

  19. I don’t like drinking water a lot. I try to, but it’s not exactly working. Most of the time I drink either coffee (I cut down on it a lot when at work because I was drinking way to much, so I have one cup at the most) or herbal/fruit tea. I love my “lemon sky”, that’s one of the few fruit teas I like. The other stuff is mostly herbal tea.
    cookie recently posted…Adverse effects of tracking foodMy Profile

  20. No matter the temp your body has to flush out impurities and toxins. I keep hydrated by marking off my consumption on my daily calorie/energy chart. I LOVE charting!
    La. recently posted…Weighty Issues: Wk. 26My Profile

  21. I too heat up my water to room temp, about 30 seconds in the microwave. I also love, love hot chocolate. I make mine with 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk in a huge mug and then fill with water and heat for 2 min. Then add 1 T unsweetened cocoa, and 1 t brown sugar, total calories is about 40. It fills me up, makes me warm and satisfies my sweet tooth all in one. I don’t like fake sugar or stevia. I’d rather have a little bit of the real thing than the diet hot chocolate on the market.
    Marie@feedingfive recently posted…Saturday by the hourMy Profile

  22. In winter, when I sit at my desk in the morning I boil the kettle and fill a big jug with the hot water and some slices of fresh ginger or lemon/other fruit or some herbs. It flavours the water slightly and I try to drink the lot before its got down to room temperature. Keeps me hydrated, tastes good but not overwhelming or sweet and keeps me warm. Also keeps me off the cafffeine which I’m a fiend for. I do this twice a day at the office.

  23. I love tea! I have no problem drinking water year-round, though. I drink one or two full glasses with every meal, and then a few other times throughout the day.
    Stephanie recently posted…Just Doing StuffMy Profile

  24. Try the Vanilla Rooibos tea! It has no caffine and it does have a naturally sweet taste without adding any sweetner. So good! I used to be a big soda fan and I would drink it all year long-but no more. Just drinking water can be hard sometimes…but that tea added to the list of drinking possibilities makes liquid drinking yummier.
    mamajuliana recently posted…118 for lunch…My Profile

  25. Yes, I freeze in the fall and winter now that I am thin. I love water, but its so hard to drink it when chilled. I am also drinking Rooibos tea for the health benefits, but also for the warmth. Plus, I am addicted to coffee and drink too much of that sometimes.
    Sheri @Motivation Health & Fitness recently posted…Positive Attitude Does It Work?My Profile