Do You Have a Weight Related Mantra?

When I teach my weight loss classes one of the exercises we work through is developing our own personal mantras. After I lost all my weight I realized that I had my own mantra:

Even after all these years, that mantra is always somewhere in my mind. Choices I make each day are often filtered through that saying of Never Go Back. Do I want that cookie? Maybe. But will it keep me on course and help me to never return to the obese life. Probably not.

Do I really want to sleep in or do I want to get up and exercise? Well, I may want to sleep in, but I want to “never go back” into the life of obesity more, so nine times out of ten I get up and exercise. I’m never sorry when I do.

I’ve asked other people throughout the years what their own personal mantras are and I’ve gotten responses such as:

Always make the effort.

Don’t give up on yourself.

Always finish what you start

Make my dreams a reality.

Make my children and my spouse proud.

Be brave. Take risks.

You don’t give up at the end, you go harder

Don’t EVER give up!

Strength, Focus, Discipline

As I’ve told you, mine is NEVER GO BACK! I never want to go back to living in fear of breaking chairs, feeling isolated from the world, and watching my health deteriorate at a rapid pace. I never want to live like that again.

So, here’s the question of the day! What’s your personal mantra? Please share.  Diane

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  1. well for me with FITNESS and HEALTH it is basic (my lifemantra is less so :))


  2. Mine are:
    Persistance, not perfection.
    Never give up.
    Amy recently posted…At Last!My Profile

  3. My mantra is Hardwork+Dedication=Results

    Also” I will quit working out when all the stars fall out of the sky and the sands on the beaches run dry.”

    Most days I love working out and don’t need to remember these sayings but there nice to have when you need motivation!

  4. I love this post! For weight loss mine has been… Choose your hard. (The longer version is: Being overweight is hard, losing weight is hard, maintaining a healthy weight is hard, choose your hard.)

    I have been thinking about a new one because I have decided that my goal is more than weight loss. What I want is to live fully in my life. So this post (and the comments) could give me some ideas.

    I am sort of playing with…do what’s right and the rest will follow…
    Adelyn recently posted…Living Fully in My LifeMy Profile

    • I LOVE ‘Choose your hard’!! Will definitely remember that one

    • I strongly agree with your thought because as a Mom as well who is gaining weights is really very hard to lose weight in a very simple way. I think I should pass a hard exercise in order to arrive a best body figure I love.
      Samantha Lewis recently posted…Buy Vigrx OilMy Profile

  5. Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail!

    Applies perfectly whether you are planning the next bite, snack, meal, day, special occasion, restaurant meal, method for losing unwanted pounds, coping with dinner guests……come to think of it, there’s no situation where it DOESN’T apply!
    Sharon recently posted…A Day Full Of SurprisesMy Profile

  6. The choices we make determine our lives!

  7. Love this post! I have had different ones thru the years – always about never giving up & just do it – this is my life now.

    Right now – I am always a work in progress & always learning!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted…YMX Racerback Tank Giveaway Winner!!! NEW HAIR!!!My Profile

  8. “Success is not final…failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts” ~ Winston Churchill
    Trish @I_am_Succeeding recently posted…MotivationMy Profile

  9. Mairi Brown says:

    I love the Churchill quote!
    Mine is: I am losing weight; I am building muscle; I am a magnet attracting all good things.
    I try to repeat this every day especially when I’m feeling discouraged.

  10. MY personal mantra is, “Do it.” Works with everything.
    Diandra recently posted…Friday check-in week 21My Profile

  11. Three come to mind:
    1. Never give up. (no matter how long it takes)
    2. Running for those who can’t. (because there was a time in my life I never thought I could do anything so physical, so all my running and harder workouts are my living testimony and hopefully an encouragement to others.)
    3. MY New Ending (My blog title is also becoming a mantra of sorts, because it reminds me that I’m not the lady I once was and every good choice I make leads me another day forward in my new ending in life -an ending I never dreamed would be me. It’s also in caps, because it’s my journey, not anyone else’s)
    Leah recently posted…Memorial DayMy Profile

  12. My mantras have been more fitness-related…one of my biggest ones comes from my current trainer, who once told me, “You’re going to have to dig deeper on this one.” So I use Dig Deeper sometimes, to find strength.

    Others I’ve used are:

    “So keep putting one foot in front of the other
    And taking your life day by day
    There’s a brighter tomorrow that’s just ’round the bend
    Don’t look back, you’re not going that way!”

    (From one of those little Mary Engelbreit gift books.)

    And I can’t leave out “I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent!” Because if Horton can hatch an egg, I can finish an exercise or turn down the gooey chocolate goodness from time to time. ; )
    Meg (@LadyMegSoprano) recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: How I Feel These DaysMy Profile

  13. As someone who has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for 4 years now, that is my mantra as well. “I will NEVER be obese again.” Period.
    Lisa recently posted…The Devil Can WaitMy Profile

  14. “Never give up” Always my mantra!
    Susan recently posted…Egg MuffinsMy Profile

  15. I disappointed myself a lot by binge eating. Whenever I would have a binge, I would feel like I wanted to give up. My mantra became “You can’t fail if you don’t quit!” Really helped me re-frame the situation.

  16. Never, ever quit. That’s the one that I find filtering through my head, right up there with never give up!
    Taryl recently posted…R2P4D24My Profile

  17. “Do something every single day toward your goal”
    – which works with “What can I do today toward my goal”
    It works when I have to question what I am putting in my mouth – will this food or this choice work toward or against my goal?
    nan @ lbddiaries recently posted…It’s A Family AffairMy Profile

  18. LovesCatsinCA says:

    Hi, Diane. My mantras are “Thin is a choice. Thin is MY choice.” and I have that song “Move it” from Madagascar on my mp3 player as a theme song…just gotta move it…

  19. Mine is also NEVER GO BACK!, and in my mind it’s always in big, bold capital letters. Preferably bright red!
    But I sometimes think I should be brave and have two out of the three Delphic mantras tattooed along my forearms (er, only joking here – tattoos scare me). Those mantras, though, are: γνῶθι σεαυτόν (know thyself) and μηδέν άγαν (nothing in excess).
    Deniz recently posted…A wonderful (if wet) weekendMy Profile

  20. Personal mantra: “I will never go back.” Like yours :) I refuse to go back to the way I was, refuse.
    blackhuff recently posted…Let it go.My Profile

  21. Oh – this is hard! I’m putting on my thinking cap and will probably be thinking of nothing else when I’m in yoga class this morning.
    Karen@WaistingTime recently posted…Fail Better and Better and BetterMy Profile

  22. I have several, depending on what is going on, but right now it’s “I am sure and confident.” Another one that resonates for me lately is: “You can’t hate yourself to health.”
    KCLAnderson (Karen) recently posted…PRACTICING: “Sure And Confident”My Profile

  23. MaggieMay81 says:

    New follower to this blog…love this post! Mine would be “Put in the effort, see the results.”
    I repeat this many times when I’m not wanting to exercise, in the middle of exercising, or contemplating my food choices.

  24. I think I need a mantra…not sure what it would be…but for the next few weeks maybe it needs to be “grazing equals calories, so stop”…lol.

    Jokes aside – when I ran my 5K, I thought “I can do it” through the whole thing…I think that needs to be my mantra through everything.
    I ❤ 2 Eat recently posted…Jazzercise!My Profile

  25. My fitness mantra has always been “Never take orders from a cookie,” which is the tagline on my blog. My mantra reminds me that I can eat what I want so long as it is not the boss of me.

    My personal mantra for life is to “stop digging when you don’t know where you are going.” When things are confusing or I feel overwhelmed, my personal mantra reminds me that it is okay to just stand still, take a deep breath, and re-evaluate, re-group, or just ignore my problem for a while.
    asithi recently posted…Nike Plus FuelBand ReviewMy Profile

    • My mantra is “Just keep doing what is right” I never realized that it was a mantra, just my self-dialogue that keeps me going….